Black Friday deal: Get CloudBerry Backup Server Edition for $84

Normally $120, this ZDNet exclusive lets you back up to the cloud-storage destination of your choice.

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CloudBerry Backup lets you archive images or files to the cloud service of your choice.


My IT-managing brother-in-law used to say there are only two kinds of businesses: those that have lost data and those that will. Translation: if it hasn't happened already, it's just a matter of time. Because, as we all know, drives fail, malware invades, hurricanes strike and on and on.

That's why we make backups.

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Unfortunately, many of us make insufficient backups. Maybe you're running a relatively new business that doesn't already have a system in place. Maybe you're looking for a cloud-powered complement to your local archive.

Whatever the case, here's a deal worth considering: For a limited time, you can get CloudBerry Backup Server Edition for $83.99. (That link will take you to the checkout page where the proper coupon code, ZDNet30, has already been applied.) Regular price: $119.99.

CloudBerry backup provides image-based backups and bare-metal restore. True to its name, it leverages cloud services for all this, but the difference here is that you bring your own service: The software supports everything from Amazon S3 to Walrus, with a couple dozen other cloud drives in between. (Among them: Google Drive, OneDrive and QNAP.)

This version is designed for Windows Server; if you need support for Exchange or SQL Server, check out CloudBerry Backup Ultimate. (Alas, the coupon code doesn't work with that product.)

I'm not a server guy, so I haven't had any hands-on time with the software. ZDNet hasn't reviewed it, either, so let me refer you to this Techspective review. It focuses on the Desktop Pro version, and for the most part the author found it to be excellent. Interestingly, his two main complaints are totally addressed by the Server Edition, so you can pretty much strike those from the review.

So here's the thing: If you're looking for a cloud-based backup solution and you're already paying for cloud storage from Amazon, Google or the like, CloudBerry Backup might be the perfect fit.

Your thoughts?