Get it: Google's latest free Android wallpaper shows useful phone, battery metrics

Google's Creative Labs makes it easy to see real-time battery life, wireless signal strength and notifications with a live wallpaper that shows info at a glance.


Looking for an easy way to see battery life, Wi-Fi signal strength and the number of notifications on your Android device? Google's Creative Labs has just what the doctor ordered.

The team released Meter, a free live wallpaper that rotates between all three of those metrics, showing useful information at glance on all Android 4.0.3 and up devices. 9to5Google first noticed the new wallpaper, which is a small 1 MB download.

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Meter uses a rather spartan approach but it's effective. The wallpaper shows phone metrics using simple geometric shapes to provide the useful info

For example, your Wi-Fi signal strength is shown using a triangle, with the amount of shading inside the triangle representing your current wireless signal.

There's also a label underneath it to provide the actual signal percentage.

Battery life is represented by a large circle being a full charge and a smaller circle inside the big one sized to show current power capacity.

Likewise, a square with stacks shows the number of current notifications; each slice of the square is a single notification.

Meter rotates between these three metrics in real time and takes advantage of the accelerometer and gyroscope sensors inside a device: The small battery circle moves around, for example, when you tilt your phone or tablet.

Is Meter a game-changing app or wallpaper? No, not by a long shot. Could it be useful to see these phone stats a glance during the day? Absolutely and there's no charge to see if you like it.