Get smarter on RFID labels

A Singapore company says its new machine will embed RFID tags into labels more accurately and improve read rates.

A Singapore-based tech company believes it has the solution to some radio frequency identification (RFID) tagging woes.

The Infinity V1 - Click for larger image

Innotech Resources on Friday announced a machine that it claims will speed up the process of inserting RFID tags into labels as well as improve tag quality and read rates.

RFID insertion is a procedure whereby suppliers embed RFID tags into labels made of paper or film to protect them from damage and tampering. However, the process sometimes creates batches of erroneous tags that can't be read or tracked by RFID sensors.

According to Innotech in a statement, its machine has the ability to filter out erroneous RFID tags during the conversion procedure, ensuring that only labels with working RFID tags are produced.

The machine--dubbed the Infinity V1--was jointly developed and built with the TÜV SÜD PSB Group. TÜV SÜD AG, a Germany-based technical service company, acquired Singapore state-owned PSB Group in March 2006.

The RFID labeling system is able to embed RFID tags into 100 labels per minute, as well as labels of varying sizes and on specific locations on the label, claimed Innotech.

The machine is said to operate independently from the downstream conversion processes such as lamination and cutting process, and has a buffer station that can cater for up to 800mm of completed reel. It can also be modulated to work with current label converting lines or used as a standalone unit.

The V1 also incorporates a novel online bad tag detection and removal system that ensures quality, reliability and readability of the labels before they are affixed to products. This reduces the extra time and cost of removal further down the line, said the company.

According to Innotech, it plans to target the Infinity V1 at different market segments including supply chain, consumer packaging, as well as for pharmaceuticals and baggage tracking.