Get the Windows 8 Developer Preview - Today!

Want to check out Windows 8? You'll be able to tonight!

Microsoft is making the the Windows 8 developer preview available to everyone later today.

That's right - Microsoft is making the 32-bit and 64-bit builds of Windows 8, both with and without development tools, available for download from 8PM PT today.

The ISOs will be available from:

Some big caveats:

  • This is a developer preview, not a beta, so it's not finished, not feature-complete and is buggy.
  • Only clean installs are supported, no upgrades.
  • No ARM version available.

Why is Microsoft doing this? Two reasons:

  1. It was going to be leaked anyway.
  2. Huge PR!

[UPDATE: No registration or product key will be required.]

So, who's going to be checking it out?

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