Get your Google Glass headset, for one day only

Expect to dig deep in to your wallet to buy the wearable technology.



Google is making another push to get the Google Glass headset into as many hands as possible, and will let consumers buy the kit for one day only.

The tech giant has launched a limited-time offer for U.S. consumers who want to purchase a pair. Only available for a single day, the Google Glass promotion also includes free sunglass shades or prescription glasses along with the purchase of the headset -- which will set you back $1500.

In a Google+ post, the Google team announced the promotion, which begins on 15 April at 6am ET.

"We're excited to meet our new Explorers," Google says. "We can't wait to hear your thoughts about Glass."

However, the one-day-only deal is not an official consumer release, which is expected later this year. Instead, the promotion is an add-on for the Explorer program, which opened up Glass to developers last year to let users tinker with the technology and allow for the development of applications before Glass is released into the consumer sphere.

Google Glass is a visor with a small screen close to your line of sight, allowing you to connect to the Web, check your email and social media, as well as use a variety of apps through voice activation. However, the design of the headset has faced criticism; designer Marc Newson for one saying "it looks pretty stupid." 

Hopefully feedback from Explorers will force Google to improve this element before Glass is formally released later this year.


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