Get your own sexy urban garden

When you live in a city, space comes with a cost. Here are some tips for personal vertical gardens.

In the city, not all backyards were created equally. While a minority of urban dwellers enjoy vast expanses of lush green grass - most of us are working with something more like a patch of shady concrete. And maybe a brick wall offers an accent of color, if we're lucky.

K. Emily Bond at ecosalon offers some inspiration for those with a little spring fever.

Not sure what to do with the pile of garbage collecting rainwater on the corner of your street? Put your gardening gloves on, and have at it.

1. If you're working with a wall, try old jumbo soup cans, an old stereo, or some other detritus with a vessel like shape:

2. Garden bags can be a little pricy, but they're clean and easily moveable:

3. Bond suggests the Kikkuu White Planter for an enclosed area. A wooden ladder also lends a hand in tight spaces:

4. The rooftop hodgepodge: ever wonder why the drawers are often missing from dressers left out on the street?

5. Pallets are perfect for a sleek vertical herb garden:

[via ecosalon]

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