Getting Things Done in Santa Monica

I'm all but offline today, attending David Allen's Getting Things Done Roadmap seminar. The hotel has $12-a-day net acccess that doesn't seem to work so I'm resorting to just better than dial-up speeds via my Treo to post this.

I'll report on what I learn in David's seminar this weekend after I've had a chance to digest the one-day deep dive into Getting Things Done that the Roadmap seminar provides. It's been five years since I first attended the old format, two-day affair and I'm really looking forward to the tune up.

A short rant in the meantime. Why is is, in this age of increasing connectivity that hotels, especially the more expensive properties, still don't get it? The hotel I'm staying at wants to charge $12 a day for "high-speed" access in my room. They also want to charge me $12 a day for wireless access in their lobby. Huh? I'm already dropping nearly $150 a night to stay in their room. What is up with that?

Less expensive properties all seem to boast free Net access as a draw. But the big guys, in my blessedly limited experience these days, all try to gouge on access. I used to travel a lot -- four cities in five days kind of travel. I gave that up after a few years but have a lot of sympathy and even more admiration for those who can do it.

I just hope you have a decent expense account if you're staying at hotels like this one.

Me? I'll fall back on my trusty Treo 650 and a terrific program called PDANet which lets me use the Treo as a modem and live with 145 Kbs for the next day.

EV-DO would be an option -- if Srpint ever gets around to offering it where I live. But for now they don't and so I'm temporarily living in a time warp -- one that takes me back to the days when it mattered that the phone in your rom had something called a data port.