Getting up close and personal with the 'King of Wow'

In this fun "Esquire-esque" interview, Vinnie Mirchandani, Deal Architect CEO, blogger, and author of two books (one just released) shares his wisdom about the state of IT, innovation, and his life's work.

Vinnie Mirchandani

Vinnie Mirchandani

Vinnie Mirchandani has a lot of friends at ZDNet and beyond covering his newly released book: The New Technology Elite: How Great Companies Optimize Both Technology Consumption and Production. I thought I'd do something different. My prompts are in bold and Vinnie completed them:

Most tech companies see each other as peers and competitors when so much innovation is happening in their customers and their communities. There is much to learn from 3M, Corning, GE, Roosevelt Island, UPS, Virgin America and countless others profiled in my books. And as a good technology salesperson knows, so much to sell to them. Dennis Howlett is the only person with barista, beer brewer and biker skills I know who is also a darn good blogger. Technology-driven inspiration is a true joy when it solves real business or societal needs -- and when the airline technology picks me for an upgrade. Writing a blog is the ultimate compliment to Gutenberg, who would be astonished at the democratization we have today in publishing. Microsoft should have never killed Bob. Both SAP and Oracle are first-ballot Hall of Famers, but they need to retire to qualify! The biggest misconception about innovation is it has to be product-related. In fact, bigger impact can come from business model, channel, supply chain and other innovations. Exhibit A is Apple and how we mostly celebrate its gorgeous products. Deal Architect has taught me nothing. All I know I learned from my beagle, Peanuts. And Peanuts adds: dare not give any credit to any cat or Android apps. I really hope society gets over the Kardashians soon. That time needs to be invested on Angry Birds. I often think automation is too demonized for job losses. Each generation frets, then adapts with new skills and applications. And endless upgrades till that becomes a resume enhancer. I will never interview Steve Jobs but I will keep trying to channel via Siri till it yells out “You bozo” as only he could. Most businesses think Gartner has a probability engine, an auto-TLA generator and a dart board shaped like a Magic Quadrant. If it does now, I am pissed because they would have made my job so much easier when I was there. One thing about ZDNet is its readers have a nice sense of humor and an endless supply of rotten tomatoes. The New Technology Elite is a bland title compared to my last book, "The New Polymath." The working title for this one was "The Technology Switch-Hitter" as I explain in Chapter 5, but the publisher thought pervs would have a field day with that one. On matters of sustainability I always feel a twinge of guilt with my 3 million Delta lifetime miles. I do relish the fat fees I am paid to speak about the sustainability chapters in my books. Twitter is to Facebook as Cam Newton is to Aaron Rodgers. They are both young, but both are poised to burn up the record books when it comes to yardage and other volumes and stats.

Interview format credit to Esquire Magazine, "What I've Learned."


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