Giant robot bus pushes for London Olympic glory: Photos

The Czech Olympic team has set up this double-decker bus from 1957 outside its London HQ. Except now the bus has giant mechanical arms for doing push-ups

You can tell the Olympics have come to town when you find a red double-decker bus doing push-ups on your way home.

London_Booster David Cerny
London Booster is currently on display in Islington, London. Image credit: Ben Woods/ZDNet

The creation, called London Booster, is the work of Czech artist David Cerny and is on display outside what is usually the Business Design Centre in Islington, London, but is currently the Czech Olympic team's HQ.

The 1957 six-ton Bristol, widely reported as a 'London Bus' despite the fact that it would never have seen service in London, has been transformed by Cerny into a living, groaning push-up machine.

This bus can do press-ups all day long.Image credit: Ben Woods/ZDNet

It was purchased by Cerny in the Netherlands (a quick search reveals it was exported from Britain in 1978) and stripped out before being fitted with giant robotic arms and a sea of wiring. Naturally, it got a suspension upgrade too, and there's video projected where the windows used to be.

An electrical motor powers the giant robotic arms which lift the bus up and down, each motion accompanied by the sound of a grunt or physical exertion. When it's not doing push-ups, it sits there, panting and breathing.

Technical details about the bus are thin on the ground, but as a representation in public-transport form of the work and effort needed to be an Olympic competitor, it's pretty eye-catching.

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