Gigya takes enterprise turn, swaps in new CFO

Gigya names Paul Farmer, a veteran of companies that happen to get acquired, as CFO and says it will focus its platform on consumer-facing companies looking to manage consumer data.

Gigya, which to date has specialized in social login and gamification for Web sites, is taking a shot as catering to consumer-facing enterprises as it reshapes its platform to focus on managing consumer data.

Gigya has also named a new chief financial officer, Paul Farmer, who has worked for a bevy of companies acquired by larger players. According to Farmer's LinkedIn profile he took the CFO helm in May. 

Gigya is best known for its social tools. Next up: Enterprise software.

The company said that it will offer its social infrastructure products such as plugins and social login tools, but is reorganizing to focus on the consumer-facing enterprises. The new focus will revolve around a so-called connected consumer management suite, which will manage consumer data.

Gigya's objective is to become a keeper of social privacy best practices and do what Verisign does for payments and ecommerce. 

Farmer's role is to build the infrastructure and back-end processes and systems so Gigya can expand. Farmer has worked for four public companies and pushed ahead four IPOs. Before Gigya, Farber was CFO for Silver Tail Systems, acquired by EMC and RSA and CFO for Narus, which was bought by Boeing. Farmer was also CFO of, which was acquired by Autodesk. 

On the surface, Gigya appears to be betting on the consumer-facing businesses as a way to go public at some point, or at least to be acquired. As for the connected consumer management software, Gigya said the platform will be targeted at marketers so they can launch email campaigns and recommend products and content.

Gigya said Pepsi and Verizon are using its consumer data platform.