Girl predicts her death on Facebook, shot by mother

12-year-old Ramie Grimmer posted a chilling message on Facebook earlier this week. Hours later, her mother shot Ramie, Ramie's brother, and herself. Last night, Ramie died of gunshot wounds.

12-year-old Ramie Grimmer died yesterday after being shot by her mother, officials confirmed today. Earlier this week, she predicted her death by writing "May die 2today" on Facebook.

Ramie posted the message on Monday during a seven-hour standoff with police at a Texas welfare office. 38-year-old Rachelle Grimmer, Ramie's mother, took a supervisor hostage after her family was denied food stamps.

Grimmer eventually released the supervisor, but later shot her two kids: Ramie and 10-year-old Timothy Grimmer, before killing herself. Police spokesman Joe Baeza said Ramie died of gunshot wounds last night, according to CBS News, while Timothy remains in critical condition. He will remain in the hospital for some time and will then be released into the care of relatives.

The children's grandmother, Mary Lee Shepherd, said her former daughter-in-law had a history of mental problems. The family moved to Texas from Ohio nine months ago, and wandered from residence to residence. At one point they lived in a tent on the beach from which they sometimes begged for food. Texas Child Protective Services had been asked to look into the status of the children while they were living on the beach, but determined no signs of abuse or neglect. Private charities in the area said the Grimmers never requested help.

The mother first applied for food stamps in July but the Texas Department of Health and Human Services says the agency rejected Grimmer's application because she did not submit enough information. Authorities were unable to reach her to find out more, so the case was eventually closed. It appears the Grimmers never received any benefits from the state, despite their situation.

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