Girls PCs are cleaner than boys PCs - Research

Slugs n' snails and puppy dog tails... yup that's us boys. New research suggests girls are just much better than boys at preventing virus attacks... No really!

Boys are much dirtier than girls when it comes to spreading computer viruses, according to research by Spanish anti-virus company, Panda.

The survey "Electronic Plague: The Risk of Spreading Computer Viruses," suggests that females are much more wary about downloading attachments and opening executable files sent via email.

It also indicates that while 49% percent of males believe it is totally safe to receive and open attachments, only 30% of female computer users would be so bold. Even more worrying the research claims an astonishing 19% of men wouldn't own up to having a contracted a virus at work. Only 10% of women would be so deceitful, says the research.

Men are also apparently much more keen on sending gimmicky email attachments and are less likely to invest in anti-virus software than their female counterparts.

Psychologist professor Cary Cooper believes that this all boils down to some fundamental differences between the sexes. "In many cases men don't take responsibility for their actions so it comes as no surprise that they don't thin about the consequences of having computer virus protection."

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