Give your PC a tuneup using this free eBook from

This eBook is free for a limited time and walks you through installing and fine-tuning Windows 7, and optimizing your PC in general

If you have been thinking about playing around with Windows 7 or your machine is just not running as smoothly as you wish it could, check out the free eBook that I've linked to below.

The eBook, PC Maintenance Guide, is normally $9.95, but TradePub is offering it for free for a limited time.

If you're wondering what's covered in it, I took a quick look and it goes through the process of installing Windows 7 on a separate partition, and even installing from a USB drive, backing up your existing Windows installation, with some recommended free tools, optimizing, and then even speeding up your PC in general. The eBook starts off focused on Windows 7 but then goes into a more generic PC-style troubleshooting.

You can't beat the price and I actually found it to be useful enough to keep handy, for the next time I want to play around with some optimizing.

Fetch it today at


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