Glam Media sweeps up Ning's custom social network platform

Ning could be getting a glammed-out makeover now that it is being picked by social content platform Glam Media.
Written by Rachel King, Staff Writer on

Glam Media is branching out in the online social content and networking world with the acquisition of Ning.

If you're not familiar with either, Glam Media specializes as a social content platform company targeted towards women. And although much hasn't been heard about Ning in recent times, it is boasted as the "world’s largest custom platform for social communities and networks."

Glam Media plans to combine Ning’s customizable social platforms and technology with its own premium advertising solutions to accelerate the company’s plan to recruit brand marketers online and engage them across all digital mediums.

Ning's chairman and co-founder Marc Andreessen cited some metrics on his blog that led to this merger:

Glam’s high-end content has amazing reach: 200 million users and 2.6 billion page views across 2,500 publishers, with advertising participation by 1,000 premium brands. Combining Ning’s social technology, user base, and 100,000+ networks will immediately boost Glam’s reach to 240 million users and 3.1 billion page views, add recurring subscription revenue to Glam’s business model, and most importantly, set up the combined company to be the leading social media content company on the web.

Jason Rosenthal, Ning's CEO, also remained optimistic about the future of Ning in the hands of Glam.

Some of our Ning Creators are already part of the Glam community of Publishers, and we believe many more will have the scale, content and context that would make them ideal Glam Publishers.

Leveraging Ning’s powerful platform, Glam will be able to accelerate its social vision – and create a unique approach for brands to deeply engage with passionate consumer audiences. Authentic conversation, influence and trust have been core elements to Ning communities, and we believe that our Creators represent the type of passionate influencers that are key to premium brands.

Rosenthal will continue to run Ning as a new division of Glam Media, and Andreessen will join Glam's board of directors.

An official price wasn't revealed, but AllThingsD reports that Glam paid approximately $200 million for Ning.



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