Glitches hit Downing Street website launch

Bumpy start for Gordon Brown's online venture

Bumpy start for Gordon Brown's online venture

The revamped version of the Prime Minister's website has suffered a number of glitches following its launch on Tuesday.

Users trying to access received a '404 Page Not Found' error page when trying to access some parts of the site during the day.

A Number 10 spokesman told "Obviously with any new website there are problems so hopefully we'll iron them out as quickly as possible."

As of Wednesday lunchtime the majority of the website now appears to be working, with the Number 10 TV section of the site being fixed early this afternoon.

The spokesman said the website is expected to be functioning as intended within the next 48 hours.

The new website contains more video content and provides the opportunity for users to interact with Downing Street by posting video questions and taking part in webchats with Gordon Brown.

The spokesman said: "[The website] hasn't been revamped since 2003 and obviously it lacked a bit of the functionality of some sites so it was time to give it a bit of a revamp."