Global online lotteries to hit jackpot

Government-sponsored lotteries moving online, and possible cross-national draws, will create huge new e-gambling category

Online lotteries will be the most popular form of Internet gambling within four years, according to new research published by Datamonitor.

The report, titled "Online games and gambling in Europe and the US, 1999-2004", concludes that, although currently now scarce, online lotteries will account for $4.1bn (£2.5bn) worth of Web gambling by 2004.

The study also says that the total revenue brought in by online gambling will amount to an impressive $11bn by the same year.

Datamonitor puts the staggering growth down to government-sponsored lotteries moving online, as well as the possibility of cross-national draws.

Datamonitor analyst Fredric Diot says that this is symptomatic of the way most aspects of society are entering the online world. "Because lotteries are one of the most mainstream forms of gambling, the expected popularity of online lotteries will symbolise the pervasiveness of the Internet."

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