Global Payments still unsure about compromised cardholder data

Despite arguing that the threat is "contained," Global Payments Inc. might have an even bigger problem on its hands.

Global Payments Inc. has issued an update following a widely-reported security breach on its processing system earlier this year.

In March, card processor Global Payments admitted it had been the victim of a targeted cyber attack that put approximately 50,000 credit card holders at risk.

Today, the payment processing services provider reported a few important facts. First, it says that only a limited portion of its North American card processing system was affected, and the total of actual card numbers that may have been exported did not exceed 1,500,000.

However, there is still a very big looming problem. Global Payments went on to say in the update that "it is unclear whether the intruders looked at or took any personal information from the Company's systems."

Although Global Payments did not specify what kind of personal data that could be, nonetheless it leaves the door open to the possibility that data could still be compromised severely.

Despite that threat, Global Payments still asserts that the "incident is contained," trying to assure customers that the Atlanta-based agency will notify potentially-affected individuals in the coming days and provide credit monitoring and identity protection insurance at no additional cost.