Global scope of East Anglia hack of global warming docs

East Anglia hacker(s) used global path on global warming docs.

It is not surprising that the hacking of the global warming documents from the University of East Anglia crossed numerous political boundaries. Here's what's being reported now. The docs were first made available to a BBC reporter six weeks ago. He did nothing with them.

Then there was an attempt Nov. 17 to hack the files onto the realclimate site. That was through a computer in Turkey. Realclimate prevented the files from appearing online. They also alerted the university of the hacking.

Then a computer in Saudi Arabia was used to upload both a link and zipfile to the airvent website. The files at this time were stored on a server in Russia. That was November 19th. And the rest is history unfolding.

NEXT STOP: COPENHAGEN The head of the IPCC says there is nothing in the hacked docs that undermines the science behind the IPCC's global warming warnings and projections. He told Reuters that the IPCC review process is lengthy and laborious and not given to bias or connivance.

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