Global spam traffic rebounds as Rustock wakes

Responsible for much of the world's spam, Rustock botnet is back after a Christmas break, which also means upwards of spam levels can be expected, says security vendor Symantec.

Spam is on the rise after the Rustock botnet awoke from its Christmas slumber, according to Symantec.

On Monday the Rustock botnet, responsible for a significant portion of the world's spam, resumed activity after pausing spam operations on Dec. 25.

"As Rustock has now returned, this means the overall level of spam has increased. MessageLabs Intelligence honeypot servers have seen an increase of roughly 98 percent in spam traffic between 00:00 and 10:00 today compared to the same period on Jan. 9," Symantec wrote on Monday. "It is too early to say what effect this will have on global spam levels, or if this return is permanent, but at the moment it certainly seems as if the holiday is over and it's now back to business as usual," it said.

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