Glow-in-the-dark highway: the video

Luminescent road markings. Overhead lights powered by the draft of passing cars. Take a drive on the road of the future in this 1-minute clip from a country better known for bikes than autos.

Hopefully the energy saving, safety enhancing roads in Holland will be more real than the mountains in the back of the picture (for the geography challenged: there are no mountains in the Netherlands).


Take a one-minute drive in the video below on an energy saving, safety enhanced highway that offers:

    • Glow in the dark road markings that absorb the sun's rays by day and emit light at night.
    • Temperature responsive road paint that shows patterns of ice crystals only when the mercury hits freezing, warning the driver of skidding hazards.
    • Motion sensitive roadside lights that switch on and off as cars pass.
    • Pinwheel lights powered by wind from the draft of vehicles.
    • Special lanes that charge electric cars on the go, using induction technology.

Must be from a country where car is king? The U.S.? Germany?

Try Holland, a land known for two-wheeled transportation rather than four - 18 million bikes outnumber the nation's 16.7 million people - but which hasn't forgotten about the automobile.

The novel technologies - some of which were featured in Tyler Falk's recent "smart road of the future" and Charlie Osborne's "smart paint" posts -  are set for use in the Brabant province this summer (barring really freak weather, those ice patterns shouldn't appear until a few months later!).

Video from NMANewsDirect via YouTube. Photo is a screen grab from same video.

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