'Glowing plastic' a first for UK-based CDT

Cambridge Display Technology (CDT) has unveiled so-called 'glowing plastic' monitors that could revolutionise the television and computer display industries.

The UK company, backed by former minister Lord Young and rock group Genesis, says that it is collaborating with Seiko-Epson to produce computer screens based on CDT's light-emitting polymer (LEP) technology.

CDT also showed off a mini working TV based on LEP. The 50mm square by 2mm thick device can show full television pictures.

"Unlike liquid crystal display (LCD) screens, the prototype display screen has no restrictions on viewing angles or blurring of fast action shots," CDT said in a statement. CDT describes LEP as 'plastic that glows'. It expects this thin, flexible technology to be used in mobile communications and consumer electronics as well as TVs and computer screens.

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