GNER sets up Wi-Fi as standard

Brief: Wireless Internet access is no longer just for first-class passengers - but those with a cheaper ticket will have to pay for their connection

Wi-Fi on trains is now no longer the preserve of businesspeople with cash to spare. GNER has announced it has rolled out wireless broadband to standard as well as first-class carriages on some trains.

Until this week, Wi-Fi has only been available to the first-class traveller but due to the enthusiastic reaction from the East Coast's train users, GNER has decided to expand the service.

The first train to offer the service went live on Tuesday with a total of 10 wireless broadband-equipped trains to be in service by the end of the summer. Unlike the first-class Wi-Fi users, who get the price of using the Internet thrown in with their fare, second-class passengers will have to pay between £2.95 for half-an-hour's use or £9.95 for more than three hours.

GNER will be running a helpline for first-time users to help new Wi-Fi customers get to grips with the technology.