Go glasses-free with Toshiba's Qosmio F755 3D laptop, $1700

Toshiba's Qosmio F755 3D is for 3D enthusiasts looking to enjoy 3D movies and games on a laptop without having to wear dorky 3D glasses.

Just in time for Back-to-School, Toshiba introduces a 15.6" Qosmio F755 3D laptop that will keep your college-bound student entertained with all the latest 3D movies, without any 3D glasses. (3D gaming will have to wait till November as Toshiba is working with Nvidia on some driver and display tweaks, according to ThisIsMyNext.)

Rachel King first told you about a variant of this laptop back in April when it launched in Japan as the Qosmio T851; it has since been updated with a faster processor in the American version and renamed the Qosmio F755 3D.

Though Toshiba has not released detailed specs on the F755 3D yet, ThisIsMyNext is reporting that the laptop has an Intel Core i7 2630QM CPU, 6GB of DDR3 RAM, a 750 GB hard drive, as well as a Nvidia GeForce GT 540M graphics card that can run "Call of Duty: Black Ops and StarCraft 2 ran fluently in high details and 1360x768," according to NotebookCheck. Rounding out its high-end multimedia features are its built-in Harman Kardon speakers, integrated Blu-ray rewritable drive, and a HDMI port to connect the F755 to your HDTV for 1080p playback.

What sets this 3D-capable laptop from others is its glasses-less 3D display. The Qosmio's 15.6" HD TruBrite screen is a "double parallax image display" that projects two sets of images for the left and right eyes to create 3D effect, which is essentially how the Nintendo 3DS display works. To help minimize dizziness from looking at 3D content at the wrong angle, the laptop even engages the built-in web cam to track and "react" to your "motion and position" to keep you in your 3D sweetspot.

Though the display on the Nintendo 3DS is capable of displaying both 2D and 3D content, it can only show one mode at a time, The F755's 3D screen is the first on a laptop that can display 2D and 3D content simultaneously, which means you could be editing a 3D video in one window, while IMing in 2D in another, with both windows opened on the same screen.

While this desktop replacement may not be the most budget- or school-friendly computer for Back-to-School, it packs some quality specs and innovations that make the 3D experience on a laptop more enjoyable. (I for one am curious just how the motion and position tracking web cam can improve my on-screen 3D viewing angle.) If nothing else, the F755 3D with its red lid will definitely stand out from the crowd of new MacBook Airs on campus this school year.

The Toshiba Qosmio F755 3D is available from select e-tailers and ToshibaDirect.com starting mid-August, for $1699.99.

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