GoDaddy targets web developers with pro suite of services

GoDaddy hopes to expand its reach with SMBs by targeting web and design professionals with a tailored managed service.


Small business domain host GoDaddy announced Wednesday the launch of GoDaddy Pro, a suite of services for web designers and developers to help them manage client accounts.

Designed as a managed service, GoDaddy Pro helps professionals work through the quote, design, build and manage process. It gives web managers control over products including domains, hosting, site builders, email, SEO and SSL certificates.

The suite includes features such as a dashboard for automatic site monitoring, website performance and uptime alerts, and shared shopping carts to allow professionals to send clients a list of recommended products ready for purchase.

According to Jeff King, SVP of hosting for GoDaddy, roughly half of all small businesses use a professional web developer to build their business websites. So by coming out with a tailored managed service, GoDaddy hopes to expand its reach by becoming the provider of choice for web professionals.

Looking at the bigger picture, GoDaddy Pro is part of the company's long term strategy of becoming more of a technology and product provider.

Much of that strategy began when current GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving took over.

"He is a product guy, through and through," said King. "He really set the stage for the company."

In Irving's tenure, GoDaddy has branched out into email marketing, data and analytics, and in April launched its IPO. The company has also started investing roughly 20 percent of its revenue back into product development, King said.

"What you are seeing with GoDaddy Pro is our investment in being this technology and product company," King said.