Good Mobile Access is a secure, enterprise-focused browser built for Android, Nokia Lumia phones

Focusing on security, Good Technology's secure web browser is a major plus for those already plugged into the Good Technology sandbox.

Many would scoff at the idea of developers creating anything truly "secure" for Android, but Good Technology says it's done just that.

Good Technology's Good Mobile Access is a secure mobile web browser ideally suited for those for whom security is a prime concern.

The browser works with Good For Enterprise, allowing for VPN-less access to behind-firewall company resources with minimal security concerns.

AES-encryption protects users' browser caches, bookmarks, and history, all of which can be remotely wiped in the event a device is compromised.

Good Technology has also announced a version of the browser for use with Nokia's Lumia 710, 800 and 900 phones. While the Android version of the app is available now, its Lumia counterpart won't be out until the second quarter of this year.

Still, that's good news for Nokia, which could use whatever features it can get to attract users, even corporate ones, to its devices and the Windows Phone ecosystem.