Good news for consumers: Solid state drive prices are dropping

With prices falling, hard drive manufacturers are giving consumers even more reason to invest in solid state drives.

The floods in Thailand did price-conscious hard drive buyers few favors last year. Fortunately, the news isn't nearly as bad on the solid state front.

According to The Tech Report, which used data from NewEgg price tracker Camelegg, prices for SSDs have dropped an average of 46 percent since early last year.

Tech Report graphed the prices of over two dozen drives, many of which are now priced at less than a dollar per GB.

On the high end is the 40GB Intel 320 Series drive, which costs $2.31 per gigabyte. The Crucial m4 is at the lowest end of the spectrum, with prices dropping more than fifty percent from their highest points in 2011.

As with most technology, SDDs have gotten cheaper as they've gotten more commonplace. Component costs have dropped, and manufacturers have been aggressively cutting prices in an effort to get more consumers interested.

In any case, the result is now clear: Now is as good of a time as any to invest in an SSD.

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