Goodbye, remote. Hello, TV you can talk to.

At the Consumer Electronics Show, leading voice recognition software company Nuance announced plans to launch a TV that takes orders like "Go to PBS."

TV watchers who can never find the remote have something to look forward to: a TV that takes direction by voice.

At the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nuance Communications, the leading voice recognition software company, announced it will be moving into the television market.

It will be launching Dragon TV, a voice and natural language platform for TVs and set-top boxes.

Nuance's announcement now comes in the midst of building speculation that Apple may launch a TV that features its voice software, Siri.

Dragon TV, on the other hand, will likely be placed in several different devices through partnerships.

Users will flip channels and find shows they like by saying things like, "Go to PBS," "What's on Bravo at 9 p.m. tonight?" “When is Ellen on?” “Watch Dexter on DVR,” and “Find comedies with Vince Vaughn.”

Users will also be able to connect to social media networks and Internet services such as Twitter, Facebook and Skyp by saying things like, "“Send message to Julie: ‘Old School is on TBS again this weekend -- super excited,’” “Send update to Facebook, ‘Anyone else looking forward to Celebrity Wife Swap?’” or “Call John via Skype.”

What will make all this possible is Nuance’s Far-Talk technology, which will be able to home in on your voice.

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via: CNET, press release

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