Google acquires commerce platform Orbitera

The acquisition underscores Google's commitment to supporting enterprise in a multi-cloud world.

Google on Monday announced it's acquiring Orbitera, a commerce platform that simplifies purchasing and deploying IT services across multiple clouds.

Orbitera automates processes associated with billing, packaging, and pricing optimization for businesses and independent software vendors (ISVs) with cloud-based customers. The company was founded in 2011, and more than 60,000 enterprise stacks have launched on the platform.

The terms of the deal were not disclosed. Orbitera CEO Marcin Kurc wrote in a blog post that it will continue to provide its current products and services, "with the added scale that Google provides."

The acquisition represents the latest acknowledgement from Google that its enterprise customers want to operate on multiple clouds. Diane Greene, Google's senior vice president of cloud, has stressed that Google is "enterprise ready" while recognizing that it will have to share customers with cloud behemoth AWS.

"At Google, we partner closely with our enterprise customers and software providers to ensure their transition to the cloud is as simple and seamless as possible," Nan Boden, Google's head of global technology partners, wrote in a blog post. "We recognize that both enterprise customers and ISVs want to be able to use more than one cloud provider and have a way to conduct product trials and proofs of concept before building a full production deployment, all using their trusted SIs (System Integrators), resellers and normal sales cycles."

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