Google Ad Creation Marketplace auditioning radio talent: Exclusive First Look

EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Google is not only testing its Google dMarc radio advertising platform for an impending national launch of Audio Ads, it is auditioning radio talent to create the ads.

Google is not only testing its Google dMarc radio advertising platform for an impending national launch of Audio Ads (see “Google on the radio: Audio Ads first look”), it is auditioning radio talent to create the ads.

Since last January, Google has been working to integrate the dMarc platform with its AdWords system, hire a direct sales staff, recruit radio stations…

PLUS Google is building a “Google Ad Creation Marketplace” to support development of Google Audio Ads creatives for AdWords customers.


The “Google Ad Creation Marketplace” is a first for Google. One of the hallmarks of the self-serve Google AdWords platform is the ease by which anyone can login to Google and create their own Google AdWord creative in literally a matter of minutes.

Google Audio Ads will be a different Google species, however.

Google will recommend that small business advertisers hire “ad creation talent” to develop audio ads that meet the specifications required for the Google dMarc systems, at a cost of from $100 to $1000.

WHY? To ensure detailed technical specifications are met (shown below) and content and production meet radio broadcast standards.

Creating a Google AdWord ad is self-serve simple, according to Google:

Google AdWords Create YourAd: Write your ad text.

Create a headline and two lines of ad text, with up to 95 characters total. The Display URL field is where you enter the website URL that will be displayed in your AdWords ad. The Display URL must fit within a 35-character limit. The Destination URL can be up to 1,024 characters and is the actual web page users will land on when they click on your ad.

Creating a Google Audio Ad will not be so simple and will not be self-serve.

AdWords advertisers will need professional help in creating radio advertisements to run on the Google dMarc platform and Google is preparing to make sure they will be able to get the professional help they will need.

What will the Google Ad Creation Marketplace be? According to Google:

The Ad Creation Marketplace is a searchable directory of professional audio ad specialists that AdWords advertisers may use to locate someone to assist them in the creation of radio advertisements.

Ad creation specialists can help with every step of the process, from concept and scriptwriting to final production and file delivery. For advertisers new to the radio space, or who are starting a new campaign, the directory provides an invaluable starting point for finding the talent they need.

What is an Ad Creation Specialist? According to Google:

Ad creation specialists are audio industry professionals, independent of Google. Specialists can help with every step of the ad creation process, from concept and scriptwriting to final production and file delivery.

How is Google developing its searchable directory of professional audio ad specialists? According to Google:

Complete application form to be considered into the marketplace.

If you're a scriptwriting, voice, or production professional, and are interested in adding your listing to the Marketplace, signups are currently by application only. Please fill out an application to be considered. If you're accepted, you'll receive login information to allow you to create a profile and upload a demo for free.

How is Google recruiting “scriptwriting, voice, or production professionals” for consideration into the marketplace?

Google is running the display advertisement below at targeted radio industry trade Web sites.

The Google advertisement leads to:

Welcome to the Google Ad Creation Marketplace

If you're an all-purpose talent who can do scriptwriting, voice and production, we have thousands of advertisers who can use your services.

We're accepting applications from radio and production professionals who have industry experience and can offer this package of services.

Once your application is accepted, you'll receive log-in information that will allow you to create a profile and upload a demo. Google will make your profile available to thousands of advertisers who are keen to start selling their products and services on the radio -- and need your help to get their ads created.

How will Google match up Ad Creation Specialists with Audio Ads customers? According to Google:

How do I find a specialist to create my audio ad?

Once you decide you'd like to run a radio advertising campaign, you can search the Ad Creation Marketplace for a specialist to help create your ad. Based on the criteria you provide, we'll display a list of specialists that meet your needs.

How will the Google Ad Creation Specialists price their services? According to Google:

What sort of budget should I enter for creating my ad?

The cost of creating an audio ad will vary based on a number of factors: the level of expertise of the specialist you choose, the geographic range in which the ad will be played, and the complexity of the project, among others. Given these factors, it's difficult to suggest a standard price - you might expect to spend anywhere between $100 and $1000 for your ad.

How do I contact a specialist?

After you find a specialist that offers the services for which you're looking, you may request a bid for an estimated cost for your ad. You may contact up to 5 specialists at a time for bids on a single project.


The Google Audio Ads Ad Creation Marketplace will not be the first “online casting service” in the broadcast industry, but the Google initiative will undoubtedly impact market dynamics.

To get an inside take, I spoke with a veteran voice-over talent who has applied to become an Ad Creation Specialist for Google Audio Ads.

Brian Haymond, copywriter-producer/editor-voice talent, credits include XM Satellite Radio, Power88, KTLW…Haymond has opined on how online casting services are gaining strength and on how the world of voiceover continues to morph with technology. Here are some of his thoughts:

While there are many upsides to these types of services, one of the huge downsides is that producers etc. are doing what comes natural, trying to get acceptable talent for as cheap as possible. While I don't knock someone for wanting to get value for their money I think the huge misconception on the part of a lot of talent seekers is the "value" of a voice talent.I have seen and heard things like: "pickup a quick $50 for an hours work" or "$100 a minute is more than a doctor makes" etc. Well, we have an enormous paradigm problem...exacerbated by folks who accept work for wages below what should be closer to scale.

This work can't be performed by just anyone. If you need surgery, you go to a surgeon in that field of expertise, you wouldn't check with your friend who is a vet and ask if he can cut you a deal on removing your bad tooth. You hire a professional. You don't hire a professional like you would someone to work at your general store.

Despite Haymond’s concerns, however, he is a bit “gah-gah about Google Audio Ads.” Why?:

This has the potential of much increased work!