​Google Adwords automatically converts Flash ads to HTML5

Google has removed a roadblock preventing its Adword customers from delivering interactive Flash ads to users on mobile.

Google has begun automatically converting Flash-based ads to HTML5, allowing its Adwords customers to deliver animations on mobile devices that don't support Flash.

As of yesterday, Flash-based ads uploaded through AdWords, AdWords Editor, and third party tools are being automatically converted to HTML5, giving advertisers better access to devices that don't support Flash.

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The move is squarely targeted at the mobile devices that only support HTML5, which make up a large chunk of Google's Display Network inventory.

"Over half of time spent online is now spent on mobile devices. This presents a tremendous opportunity for marketers to reach their customers throughout the day, whenever they may be browsing," the Google Ads team said on Wednesday.

"But there is an all-too-common barrier: many mobile devices and some browsers do not currently support Flash. That's why we're introducing a way to automatically convert Flash ads to HTML5, giving advertisers better access to the portion of Google Display Network inventory that is HTML5-only."

Notably, Safari on iOS has never supported Flash, while Adobe abandoned Flash on Android in 2012 to focus on Adobe AIR.

Not all Flash campaigns will automatically be converted, however, and advertisers can test whether their ad will be able to make the transition using Google's Swiffy tool.

Google announced the Flash-to-HTML5 conversion plan in September along with a host of other tools to help advertisers prepare their display ads for mobile, including auto-resizing of ads for mobile, and templates to quickly build rich media ads.

The new service follows Google's recent move on YouTube to display all content on the desktop in HTML5 by default.

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