Google+: An infographic to ease your privacy-concerned mind

Worried about Google+ and privacy? The Super Group Network serves up a fresh plate of privacy in the form of an infographic explaining some of the features that will help you understand your options.

In a very short amount of time Google+ has reached 10+ million users. While the fast growth I believe is mostly due to the fact that they host email for several million users, many people have also created their first Google account just to try out Google+.

Facebook's bane of its PR existence has been privacy and security. Google+ plus allows more control in many cases regarding who can see what, however, being that it's a new social network for us to get used to, it's hard to know right off the bat where to go to put all of your privacy controls in place. Below is a little ditty pulled from the Super Group Network explaining and/or reiterating some features, tips & tricks for those new to Google+.

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