Google and Facebook announce, Tierpoint completes, data center expansion

While the demand on Google and Facebook continues to increase, so does business need for colo.

It's been a busy week once again for data center operators as both Google and Facebook announce expansion plans for their existing data center locations and cloud and colo provider Tierpoint announced the completion of its fifth expansion of its Pennsylvania data center.

Google announced that its existing 500,000 square foot data center in Lithia Springs, GA will receive a $300 million investment to expand its capabilities. Construction will begin this summer and is targeted to be completed by the end of 2016, bringing 25 additional full-time jobs to the facility. Douglas County, where the facility is located, sweetened the deal for Google by offering additional tax incentives if Google committed to the $300 million investment.

Facebook will be building its third data center at its campus in Altoona, IA. When it first started building at this location in 2013 Facebook reported that it would consider growing it to three data centers. Construction on that third data center will commence this summer. Facebook has not released and numbers yet, but the 2013 investment was disclosed at around $300 million.

Tierpoint, a colo, disaster recovery, managed services and cloud provider that operates 13 data centers, announce that it had completed a 17,000 square foot expansion to its 125,000 square foot facility in Valley Forge, PA. This is the fifth expansion for the PA data center and the second in the last 18 months, as demand continues to increase for its services. The new expansion increased available space in the facility by almost 150 percent and will be providing enhancements to its cloud computing infrastructure and an expansion of its power and cooling capabilities.