Google and Mesosphere bring Mesos clusters with Docker to Google Cloud Platform

Collaboration between Google and Mesosphere has created a Mesos cluster web app as well as integrated Google's Kubernetes container cluster manager into Mesos for Google Cloud Platform.

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Google and startup Mesosphere have joined forces to simplify the creation of Apache Mesos clusters by launching a web app on Google Cloud Platform.

Mesophere, whose software is based on the open-source Apache Mesos cluster manager used by firms such as Twitter, Airbnb and Hubspot, says the web app will cut the time it takes to deploy Mesos clusters to a matter of minutes.

The two firms have also announced the incorporation of Google's open-source Kubernetes container cluster manager into Mesos to improve the deployment of Docker workloads.

"We're collaborating with Google to bring together Mesosphere, Kubernetes and Google Cloud Platform to make it even easier for our customers to run applications and containers at scale," Mesosphere co-founder and CEO Florian Leibert said in a blog.

Mesosphere describes its technology as enabling users to manage virtualised or non-virtualised datacentres as if they were one large machine, through the creation of a single elastic pool of resources from which all applications can draw.

"With our new web app, developers can literally spin up a Mesosphere cluster on Cloud Platform in just a few clicks, using either standard or custom configurations," Leibert said.

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"The app automatically installs and configures everything you need to run a Mesosphere cluster, including the Mesos kernel, Zookeeper and Marathon, as well as OpenVPN, so you can log into your cluster."

According to Leibert, Mesosphere clusters are highly available and support the scheduling of diverse workloads on the same cluster, such as those from Marathon, Chronos, Hadoop, and Spark.

Mesosphere is designed to enable faster development and deployment of applications, which can be operated at massive scale with lower overheads, and higher resiliency and resource efficiency with no code changes.

The app's functionality will soon be incorporated into the Google Cloud Platform dashboard via the click-to-deploy feature, Leibert said.

There is no charge for using the application apart from the costs of running the configured instances on a Google Cloud Platform account.

Leibert was an engineering lead at Twitter, where he introduced Mesos which is now used to run all the firm's new services. After leaving Twitter, he built the analytics stack at Airbnb on Mesos. He is also the main author of the Chronos Apache Mesos framework for managing and scheduling ETL systems.

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