Google Android Market malware problem escalates

Researchers at Lookout Mobile Security have again nabbed variants of the DroidDream malware family in the Android Market.

Google's inability to keep malware-laden apps out of the Android Market continues to be a source of embarrassment for the fast-growing mobile operating system.

Researchers at Lookout Mobile Security have again nabbed variants of the DroidDream malware family in the Android Market. This time, the company found four different Android apps published by a developer named “Mobnet.”

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The infected applications include:

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  • Quick FallDown
  • Scientific Calculator
  • Bubble Buster
  • Best Compass & Leveler Note: There is legitimate application that has a package name similar to that of Best Compass & Leveler.  The Trojanized application capitalizes the package name (i.e., while the legitimate application does not (i.e.

According to Lookout, the malware was available in the Android Market for a short period of time so the number of downloads was limited to 1000 – 5000.
Google has since removed the malicious apps but it is clear the company needs to implement some rudimentary malware checks before an app is made available in the Android Market.


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