Google App Engine boosts mobile app development with backend toolset

Google is getting more serious about supporting the development of mobile apps on its App Engine cloud platform.


Google appears to be getting more focused on bringing over mobile developers to its App Engine Platform-as-a-Service infrastructure with a new introduction on Monday.

The Internet giant is adding on a Mobile Backend Starter, touted to be a cloud-based mobile backend platform with a general purpose client-side framework for Android.

Brad Abrams, a product manager for the cloud developer program at Google, described further in a blog post on Monday that the system is a "one-click deployable" mobile backend "with none of the headaches."

Mobile Backend Starter gives you everything you need to rapidly set up a backend for your app, without needing to write any backend code. It includes a server that stores your data with App Engine and a client library and sample app for Android that make it easy to access that data.

Developers can get started with the Mobile Backend Starter with support for "hundreds of users" for free. Google also promised that the backend can scale to any amount of users.

Some of the features include automatic updating for push notifications across multiple Android devices (thanks to recent updates for Google Cloud Messaging ), built-in support for Google Authentication, and the ability to create queries that run continuously on the server and then update automatically.

More details about implementing the Mobile Backend Starter are available on the Google Cloud Platform blog. The complete source code is also available to developers on Github now.

Image via The Google Cloud Platform Blog