Google Apps extends support to Podio collaboration platform

Podio extends its productivity solutions to the granddaddy of collaboration platforms: Google Apps.

Google Apps is one of the most -- if not the most -- popular solutions for online collaboration, whether it be for personal or work-related purposes at this point.

The collective of online applications has extended support to Podio, a digital workspace that can be fine tuned to each individual user and group.

Podio's primary focus is to enable employees to be able to develop and customize a social workspace according to their team and needs. The platform includes more than 200,000 apps built and modified by users for various tasks.

The primary focus for integration here can be seen on Gmail. Basically, Podio is aiming to make emails less static and easier to import as tasks or discussions to a user's Podio account and workspace.

For example, a user can take the email's details in full (text body, sender information, etc.), and it can either be assigned as a task to another contact on Podio and/or used to start a discussion on the Podio feed. Think of it somewhat like Yammer's new Pages collaboration tools for brainstorming and drafting ideas.

Note that to add Podio to Google Apps at work, you will need to get approval from your Google Apps administrator first.

For a closer look at how Podio and Google Apps work together, check out the promo video below: