Google Apps patching up with iOS Sync, Hangouts gets free voice calls

Google is improving upon an app popular for personal and business use cases alike.


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Apple isn't the only tech giant rolling out a number of upgrades this week, albeit Google's introductions on Wednesday might be a little bit less flashy.

Although there is one slightly related bit of news. Google for Work, the department formerly known as Google Enterprise before last week , is becoming more iOS-friendly with the debut of iOS Sync for Google Apps.

Much like its existing Android counterpart, iOS Sync is a mobile device management platform allowing employees and IT admins to manage and secure corporate files, emails, documents and more on iPhone and iPad.

Supporting iOS 7 and 8 at launch, iOS Sync is promised to become available next week for Google Apps for Work, Google Apps for Education and Google Apps for Government customers. At that time, IT managers can enable the new functionality through the Admin console.

End users will see iOS Sync integrated right into the Gmail and Google Drive apps for iOS.

Elsewhere, Google is improving upon an app popular for personal and business use cases alike. Hangouts is getting free voice calling on Android, iOS, and web channels in the United States and Canada.

International calling still comes with a bill, although Google product manager Amit Fulay quipped in a blog post that "international rates are really low."

Web and iOS users should be able to see the new Hangouts voice calling functionality the next time they open these apps. However, Android users have to wait until the version 2.3 of Hangouts rolls out, which is said to be in the next few days.

Screenshots via Google