Google awards more prominent spot for third-party Drive apps

As other cloud storage services give more prominence to third-party apps, Google Drive is following suit.

Google Drive is getting another refresh today, which is featuring a significant boost for third-party apps.

On the updated Create sidebar menu, "Drive-connected" apps now appear at the same level as Google-produced apps such as Docs and Sheets.

Furthermore, Google Drive users can now browse and install Drive-enabled apps right from within Drive without having to go to the Chrome Web Store or elsewhere.

After the app is installed, users should be able to immediately start using the third-party app to create or open files directly from within Drive.

Nicolas Garnier, a developer advocate for Google Drive and Google Apps, explained in a blog post on Friday that these changes are intended to make Drive-connected apps just as easy to reach and more visible to Google Drive users.

This could mean a good deal for third-party software developers and Software-as-a-Service partners. With more direct and easier access for Drive users, that could mean much more awareness, traffic and subscriptions for third-party providers.

It also comes at a time when other cloud storage providers are also increasingly boasting the number of services offered, both in-house and from collaborators.

For example, earlier this week, Box introduced its new global Partner Network , which consists of 50 resellers worldwide as well as 10 new strategic partners, including Autodesk and IBM Connections, among others.

The point of all of this is to entice businesses (and consumers to some extent) with the most well-rounded and feature-packed online hub -- in all essence, a one-stop shop for cloud-based storage and software.


Images via The Google Developers Blog