Google-backed startup launches mobile testing suite

Appurify Mobile Platform includes tools for addressing performance issues and flawed design early in the mobile development process, and offers data to address them.

After running a private beta with some pretty big companies, Google-funded startup Appurify has launched the commercial version of its cloud-hosted mobile app debugging, performance and testing platform for both Android and Apple iOS devices, called Appurify Mobile Platform (AMP). 

The solution actually consists of three different products:

AMP Auto - For running automated scripts that mimic typical usage patterns and finding potential glitches and bugs

AMP Manual - For managing crash logs and issues that arise from manual tests

AMP Web - For identifying and performance issues related to mobile Web sites

The technology is targeted at native applications, hybrid projects, HTML 5 apps and mobile browsers. It offers a view into how the app might perform on certain operating system configurations, how it fares when the screen is reoriented, what might happen when the network conditions change, or when memory conditions are altered. The image below shows an automation test results page:

Appurify automation Results page


Launched in 2012, San Francisco-based Appurify (the company) has raised a total of $6.25 million in funding, including a Series A round by Google Ventures. Its other backers are Foundation Capital, Felicis Ventures, Radar Partners, the Webb Investment Network, Data Collective and several angles with backgrounds in mobile technology.

"Mobile application development is broken today," said Manish Lachwani, Appurify co-founder and CTO, when the company announced its venture funding in May 2013. "Developers need to cater to a fragmented OS market, a constantly growing array of devices, and consumers who expect apps to perform perfectly in a variety of device conditions (for example, spotty networks, any location, low memory situations due to apps running the background). Current mobile development tools to not address this complexity."

This platform isn't for companies that are dabbling with mobile applications: it is meant for organizations that are investing seriously in their mobile presence with customers, employees or business partners. Some of the listed customers on Appurify's home page include Dropbox, Yahoo!, Google (of course) and Macy's. 

The pricing depends on what functions you'd like to use. For example, the AMP Web service starts at $1,000 per month with five dedicated devices. The manual testing service starts at $500 (also for five devices). The automated testing services start at $3,000 per month for any iOS or Android automation framework, and up to 20 testing devices.