Google better get its own tablet released, and soon

The rumored Google tablet is something that better happen, and soon or Google will lose the Android tablet war to Amazon.

A recurring rumor that pops up regularly is that Google is going to sell its own branded Android tablet. It is believed this will be part of the Google Play rebranding of the Android Market. The Google Nexus tablet, or whatever it may be called, would be subsidized to keep the price down.

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While some feel Google better not make such a move and compete with its partners, one simple fact just pointed out by AllThingsD says just the opposite. Google better get its own cheap tablet out and soon, as there are now more tablets in users' hands running Amazon's version of Android than there are running Google's Android.

Read that last sentence again and think about it. There are more Kindle Fires running Amazon's customized version of Android than all of the tablets from Samsung, Motorola, Acer, and others combined. In just six months Amazon has taken over the Android tablet business, and with an OS that doesn't look anything like Android.

Google needs to do something about this, and quickly, or it will see 'Android' on tablets go away. It doesn't matter if Amazon is using an Android base for the Kindle Fire if customers don't know that. Perception is reality to consumers and Amazon has already altered the reality.

Perhaps Google saw this coming, and is hard at work getting its own tablet to market. Make no mistake, it better do so and soon. Its real competition is not the iPad, it is Amazon and the Kindle Fire. If it waits much longer to take it on directly, it may be too late.

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