Google blog to open for comments in 2007

The official Google blog had a busy 2006.

The Official Google Blog plans to open up the blog to comments in 2007, the blog notes, ever so discreetly, almost as an afterthought to its end of year recap post:

"Before long, perhaps you can begin leaving comments directly. We're working on that."

In “Google 2007: More Googlers blogging?” I note recent Googler blogging activity at personal blogs and suggest there may be changes in the works in Google’s blogging strategy.

The Official Google Blog had a busy 2006, policy coverage noted includes:

Google in China
click fraud
Net Neutrality

Google Blog by the numbers in 2006:

294 posts
7.6 million unique visitors
15 million pageviews

Google also notes the Digg and Slashdot effects:

Which sites send us the most readers? The top non-Google referrers this year are the influential and Slashdot.