Google brings audible traffic alerts to iPhone Google Maps users

Even though Apple Maps keeps getting better all the time, it's tough to give up on Google Maps. Google just rolled out an update that will help daily commuters too.

(Image: Google)

Ever since I started wearing my Apple Watch regularly, I've been trying to stick with Apple Maps on my iPhone 6s Plus. However, I keep going back to my personal default navigation service, Google Maps, and Google keeps making it tougher to leave.

While people generally use navigation on their smartphones to reach new destinations, there is also value in using smartphone navigation for your daily commute. Today, Google rolled out an update for iOS that added spoken traffic alerts that will inform you of backed-up traffic, road construction, accidents, and more.

I haven't yet had a chance to test out the functionality, but the screenshot Google provided looks useful for commuters. I live and work in the Seattle area where traffic is terrible, even on the weekends, so imagine I will be testing this functionality out very soon.

In addition to spoken traffic alerts, the update notes state that bug fixes and the ability to add new and missing businesses from the sidebar are included.