Google brings e-books to browser

Google to launch online e-book store, challenging e-readers by taking e-books directly to browser.
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

Who needs an e-reader or a special app when I’ve already got the only e-reader/app that I need: a Web browser?

Google said today that it will launch in the first half of next year an online store to offer e-books that can be read on any device with a Web browser, according to a Reuters report.

That means e-book reading comes to the browser on your desktop, laptop, iPhone and probably even some WiFi-enabled handheld gaming devices.

That feels like a pretty big blow to the likes of Amazon, which has made a name in e-book readers with its popular Kindle brand, Sony and now even Barnes and Noble, which is expected to announce an e-reader of its own at a New York City event next week.

Google Editions will initially include e-books from publishers it already partners with and customers will be able to buy e-books from Google or an online book store such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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