Google brings handwriting input in 82 languages to Android

Google's latest keyboard add-on takes your handwritten words and converts them to text; handy if your Android phone or tablet has a stylus but works with fingers too.

Tired of typing everything on your Android phone or tablet? You might want to check the Play Store and download the latest Google app that adds handwriting input support.


The software, first noticed by Android Police, works with either print or cursive input. If your device supports a stylus or digital pen, you can use it with the Google Handwriting Input app. No stylus? No problem: Just use your finger to write on the touchscreen.

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Either way, the app can translate your written words into typed text in just about any input field. Of course, you can always use other input methods, such as a native or third-party keyboard or through voice recognition. This is an add-on to your existing keyboard options, so you don't lose functionality.

Google says the software can also turn your written smiley faces and such into traditional emoji characters as well. And the script to text translation works in 82 different languages, so it's fairly robust and should be useful in many countries around the world.

Granted, this app is best suited for short bursts of input; you're not going to write a novel with it. For longer text entry, I'd recommend Microsoft OneNote or Evernote, which added handwriting support in March of last year. A larger screened phone or a tablet are also better tools in this case. But for basic text entry on any Android device, this new app could be useful.