Google builds up Glass anticipation with how-to video

If you weren't excited about Google Glass already...well, the Internet giant isn't planning to leave you alone anytime soon.


Google Glass isn't even close to hitting the consumer market yet, but the Internet giant has already published a "how-to" video to get users started.

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Certainly, there is a small minority of lucky ( or silly , depending on how you look at it) developers and enthusiasts already set up with prototypes of the fancy spectacles.

Thus, maybe this video can help them out and inspire some outside-the-box ideas for potential apps and use cases for Glass.

Nevertheless, it almost seems like a day doesn't go by that Google doesn't trickle out yet another morsel of textual and/or visual clues about the product. It's an interesting contrast compared to several months of relative quiet following the over-the-top debut at Google I/O last year.

Then again, Google I/O 2013 is in just a few weeks, so perhaps the Goog is just building up the anticipation for another big Glass reveal?

We'll have to wait and see. But until then, we have this video guide, demonstrating the basics of the device itself, including the touchpad (yes, there is one), navigating between apps, and how to take photos.

If you're interested in yet another look at Google Glass, then check out the promo video below: