Google buys NASA hangar for robot research

The tech giant has purchased a NASA aircraft hangar to house and test robots.

Google has purchased an enormous aircraft hangar from NASA to become the research ground for the company's robotics division.

One of the tech giant's shell companies, Planetary Ventures, made the acquisition of the Hangar One from the U.S. agency, which is located in Moffett Federal Airfield -- only a few miles away from Google's Silicon Valley headquarters.

NASA is reportedly renting out the eight-acre hangar in order to cut costs, and Planetary Ventures plans to modernize some of the building, as well as add a public museum.

However, it isn't just Hangar One which has caught Google's eye. The company is also in talks with officials to potentially rent out other hangars, several runways and adjacent buildings on the airfield.

Google has confirmed that the space will be used to test and house new robots.

Over the past few months, the Web giant has snapped up multiple robotics firms including artificial intelligence company DeepMind for $400 million, and Boston Dynamics, a supplier of military hardware and animal-based robots. In total, at least nine robotics firms have been purchased by Google over the last six months.

Via: Quartz

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