Google buys PostRank analytics firm

The web giant has bought Canadian start-up PostRank, which specialises in software that analyses user-generated content on the internet

Google is beefing up its social-networking data tracking with the acquisition of PostRank, a business dedicated to following the path of user-generated content for analysis.

The Canadian start-up has a few specialities — namely the fact that it collects and monitors social-media data in real time across the web. Some of that content includes comments on stories, bookmarks and Tweets.

Additionally, PostRank owns its own analytics tool for publishers — which might have piqued Google's interest if it is looking to improve its own analytics service. It also owns a 'connect' feature that provides some of this data to brands and PR agencies. Such a feature could lead to greater competition with Facebook Connect. The news was announced on PostRank's site on Friday.

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