Google CBO touts enterprise services, hardware success in Q2

Google has signed more than half of the Fortune 500 onto at least one paid enterprise product thus far.


Google didn't quite live up to expectations on its second quarter earnings report, with Motorola Mobile proving to be a burden on the Internet giant's balance sheet once again.

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Perhaps to deflect some of the attention, Google chief business officer Nikesh Arora highlighted success elsewhere in the company -- namely non-ads businesses such as enterprise services, hardware and digital content through Google Play.

Here's Arora's breakdown on the sweet spots for each unit.

  • On enterprise services: "That's another great revenue stream for Google. It comprises productivity apps like Docs and Gmail as well as our cloud infrastructure. Now more than half of the Fortune 500 companies use a paid enterprise product from Google, and over five million businesses use our productivity apps. This means we have close, long-term relationships with our enterprise customers. New customers this quarter include some of of our world's leading businesses like Federal Express, which built their store locator in Google Maps. SnapChat, which runs Google Cloud Infrastructure. And LinkedIn is using the Google Search Appliance...HP is now a Google Apps reseller, combining Google software with HP hardware for an initiative to help small businesses."
  • On hardware: "We continue to see great momentum across Chromebooks and mobile devices such as our Nexus program. Around the world, Chromebooks are now in more than 6,600 brick and mortar stores. That's about a three time increase this quarter. As Larry said, we've also added two new devices to the Google Play store for Samsung and HTC."
  • On digital content: "Through Google Play, we continue to see tremendous amount of growth in this area. People from over 190 countries now download apps from Google Play every day. More than 50 billion apps have been downloaded so far. Google Play digital content like music and movies have launched in 21 new countries, with eight more European countries launching Google Play books this week. Movie studios like Disney and NBC Universal...We've also collaborated with all the major record labels to launch a new music subscription service that users seem to be enjoying a lot."