Google CEO meets Wall Street

Goolge CEO Meets Wall Street

UPDATE: Google CEO upholds YouTube copyright infringing business model

Ah, the once a quarter time for Google to really shine!

What can we expect from the Chief Googler later today after the bell, when he reports to Wall Street on Q1 2007 performance? More of the same?

CEO Eric Schmidt:

Q2 2006: We're very, very happy with having such a strong quarter. It looks like our model continues to work extremely well.

Q3 2006: Business is very, very good here at Google, and we had an excellent quarter in all respects.

Q4 2006: Business continues to be very, very good here at Google and we are very happy to present another very strong performance from the company.

Q1 2007? Expect much Googley goodness. 2007 got off to a slow Google start, but Schmidt and company more than made up for it with diversification bets, both big and small:

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Stay tuned to this Digital Markets Blog for more of the real deal on what's really going on with Google!

UPDATE: Google CEO upholds YouTube copyright infringing business model

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