Google + Chevrolet: 'Have a YouTube New Year!'

Google rings in the New Year with Chevrolet at YouTube.

Just days before the Google acqusition of YouTube officially closed, I heard the Chief Marketing Officer of YouTube, Suzie Reider, affirm before an audience of advertising execs in NYC that marketers would not be allowed to "mess up" YouTube, even when owned by a leading seller of online advertising.

Reider did not define what marketers would be enjoined from doing at YouTube. If tonight's Google-YouTube-Chevrolet New Year's "party" at is any indication, marketers will indeed be freely marketing at Google's YouTube in 2007.

In "YouTube to advertisers: $25,000 please, at least" I present YouTube's online pitch for advertiser inquiries. YouTube states that $25,000 is the minimum marketing budget they will work with; It is a safe assumption to venture that Chevrolet is paying "way more" than $25,000 for its "takeover" of the YouTube homepage for New Year's Eve!